Radar repair Brisbane

Need emergency radar repair service Brisbane? We’re here to help you. At AIS Marine, we have experienced team of engineers having hands on repairing all sorts of marine products and equipment. With extensive knowledge, we repair, install and troubleshoot marine radar.

Radar is an essential part of vessel navigation system and weather prediction. It’s an absolute need in ship to provide a bird eye view. We understand that damage radar can cause serious navigational issues. To prevent your ship from collision, to get better perception on the weather and neighbouring boats, you ought to look for routine radar repair service in Brisbane.

Reliable Radar Repair Service in Brisbane:

AIS Marine Service is fully equipped centre serving across Australia. Our fully trained and certified technicians are industry qualified and have been working with leading marine makes and models in Australia. Practical knowledge, precision and reliability are some of the reasons behind our constant success on marine equipment serving and maintenance projects. Please feel free to contact us at +61 468964275. for any marine service and maintenance related inquiries.

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