Pre-purchase survey Australia

Are you planning to buy a ship or boat? Before you sign the deal, opt to pre-purchase survey in Australia from us. According to our years of extensive knowledge in marine industry, no ship is perfect unless it’s new.  And when you plan for buying an old one, think of getting a pre-purchase survey. Our world class certified and licenced Class-1 Marine Engineers will offer you through inspection of the vessel. They will let have the idea about your returns from your intended purchase. A pre-purchase inspection is wise way to save hundreds of dollars.

Our in-depth pre-purchase inspection gives you complete peace of mind. Our after-inspection assessment report will assure you with all the necessary information to help you zero in on the right decision.

What includes in a good pre-purchase survey report?

A long survey report doesn’t always mean that it’s great for you. The report should be informative not filled with unnecessary details. It should tell you clearly about the condition, mechanical element and a basic structural data.

Our service comprises of, but not restricted to the below-

  • Technical analysis
  • Valuation
  • Cargo hold Condition
  • Tank Condition
  • Operation Costs

While spending millions of dollars on a ship, it’s important to ensure the vessel is in right condition. If you’re also looking for the same, please get in touch with us at +61 468964275.

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