Marine Survey Sydney, Australia

Independent & Unbiased Marine Survey Enables Right Decision-Making

Ensure a secure investment on your new boat or determine the seaworthiness of a cargo-vessel with our impeccable range of Marine Surveys

Specializing in Pre-Purchase surveys

As a professionally run and managed company, we are veterans in the areas of pre-purchase inspections. Our specialities cover comprehensive and thorough check on the machinery and hull conditions going beyond the cosmetic shine.

Assessing Cargo Shipping Risks

We regularly carry out cargo-hold condition pre advisory surveys for our customers before shipping their valuable goods across the high waters. It is important that before your valuable cargo transportation, you are informed about method of carriage and the damage chances involved.

Expertise in Complete Range Of Services

Our experts specialize in the different departments of Marine Survey to give you standardized vessel inspection reports as per stipulations.

The AIS marine engineers are accredited to carry out the following among others inspections:

  • AMSA pre-inspection
  • P&I Survey
  • On hire/Off hire survey
  • Bunker Survey
  • Damage Survey
  • Cargohold Condition pre-advisory Survey for loading alumina, sugar etc.
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Pre-purchase survey
  • Machinery Surveyaims
  • Lashing Survey




Our Class-1 Marine Engineers are specialized in Pre-Purchase survey.
The investment that you make on a secure Marine Survey is part of the larger investment for the future.

Before you make a buying decision we will help you get into the depth of the waters and measure it too with our expertise.

Dependable surveyors with high ethics

Our testing strategies include both in-water and out of water inspections to cover every aspect of any vessel that we survey.

Experienced and knowledgeable, our expert surveyors carefully access damages for insurance claims. We understand the implications of such reports and maintain utmost ethical standards in delivering them.

Prompt and reliable, we help you make quick buying and commercial decisions saving you resources in the future.

Our Class-1 Marine Engineers are specialized in Pre-Purchase survey.

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