Remember These 4 key Points to Get the Best Ship Chandler in Australia!

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Ship chandlers are a crucial part of the naval supply chain industry. How?

  • It provides you with the opportunity to restock your shipping vessels with quality commodities exclusively.
  • You do not have to go through the troubles of dealing with the middle men to do a business transaction.
  • Consequentially, you end up saving plenty of cash that could be used in other productive areas.


Due to the development, rising demands and importance of the shipping industry the chandlers are also on the rise. As a result, the competition is high both domestically and globally. Due to the presence of uncountable ship chandler services in Australia, this obviously makes things difficult to choose the one that is right for you. In this blog we will discuss a few points that will help you determine the right chandlers for your supplying needs.

Do they Maintain Highest Standards of Quality?

If you are operating a shipping vessel, you obviously need to restock it with the necessary commodities before every voyage. You certainly do not want to associate with a chandler that serves low quality materials. Find out the manufacturers that they partner with. Are they renowned brands? Ensure if they conform to the highest of quality standards and does all the information acquired gives you the confidence to conduct the business transaction.

Value for Money Service

Do you get the return worth of investment when you associate with your sea chandler service? Before every voyage restocking is necessary for proper maintenance of your ship and crew. However, are you satisfied with the supplies that you are spending on? Are you getting the right services in case of a faulty good?

You should also find out if the ship chandler in Australia maintains transparency during communication and that they ask for no extra or hidden charges after the deal is made. You certainly deserve a return that is worth the investment.

Sensitive towards the Ethnic Requirements of the Crew

Your crews are one of the key parts of your success. Happy and satisfied crew will yield better productivity. Therefore, you should look for a sea chandler that is respectful towards the ethnic, religious and cultural values of your staff. For example they should stock their supplies without alcohol and pork if they are operating somewhere around Indonesia or Malaysia. They should also offer ethnic foods to make the crew feel happy, since they spend plenty of time away from home.

Prompt and Meticulous Service

Operating shipping vessels are a very hectic task. There are periods of downtime and active time. When there are plenty of assignments in store, you need to have your ordered supplies on time and the deal needs to be closed prompt too. This is why you need a chandler service that is sharp and quick at meeting all your needs at the right time and the right way.


There are plenty of ship chandlers in Australia, offering their services to meet your demands. However, not all of them are achieving long-term successes because they only focus on the main course without focusing on the starters and desserts. They need to emphasise on their pricing policy, types of supplies they provide, timing sense and the customer service in order to become sustainable in the long run.

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