All You Need To Know Before Hiring a Marine Electrical Service Provider

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Don’t be forced back to the port due to a major electrical failure on your vessel. It is mandatory to have properly installed and functioning marine electronics on board for the smooth and seamless running of the vessel. Like other parts of the vessel, marine electrical components need to monitor regularly to keep them in running order. But before joining hands with any Marine Electrical service provider, you need to keep in mind, whether they use the best safety standards and do they have highly skilled electricians. Usage of the best industry standards to complete all your marine electrical projects and electronics installations should be the topmost priority.

AIS Marine & Offshore offers a plethora of services in Marine Electrical in Brisbane – from full maintenance of power distribution to deep servicing of motor Generators.


Common Marine Electrical Services That You Might Need

Electrical system support package:

Almost all marine equipment in ships are electrically driven and so there is a huge demand of electrical power. To be precise this includes supplying power to the different kinds of installations onboard:

  • Generation of power
  • Communication systems
  • Nautical Equipment
  • Automation
  • Remote control
  • Consumer distribution, etc.

Cleaning, and repair of Alternators:

The Alternator part of the generator on your ship needs proper maintenance as its efficiency reduces with time and mostly due to being exposed to harsh weather and sea conditions.

Battery/UPS system support and protection:

Increasing amount of new technology throws a whole set of challenges to the electrical power supply. The hi-tech systems become dysfunctional if there is a breakage or any disturbance in the input power. Thus, proper installation and maintenance of UPSs is very essential on board to facilitate the supply of uninterruptible power.

Maintenance and repair of Transformer

A power transformer is the most essential component of an electrical transformer and to garner maximum performance and a long functional life, it is necessary to perform several maintenance works.

This basically include:

  • Leak repair
  • Vacuum oil treatment
  • Measures for extending service life
  • Corrosion and rust removal, welding work and painting work
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosing errors on the transformer
  • Immediate repair or replacement of components

Generator servicing

Harsh weather and sea conditions have a detrimental effect on electrical components present in a vessel. The power generators easily fall victim to rust, dust and disrepair and must have periodic service and maintenance performed.

The service and maintenance procedure include exhaust system inspection, proper cleaning of the generator, routine Engine Exercise to keep the components and thwart oxidation of electrical contacts, regular testing of batteries, regulating the fuel system and monitoring the cooling system.

AIS Marine & Offshore also provides large issues in Marine Electrical in Brisbane. These include Motor fault detection, on-board rewinding facility and root-level repair of the transformers, repair and replacement of hydraulic fan drives and fan clutches and deep servicing of motor generators.

Your safety on water is highly dependent on the boat’s electronics and make sure that you keep the electrical systems in proper working order with AIS Marine & Offshore.

If you have confusion, feel free to contact us. We will get back to you soon.

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