Water Bag Hire Services in Port Hedland

Want to hire water bags to test load weight capacities? Don’t look beyond AIS Marine & Offshore for water bag hire in Port Hedland.

In the marine or shipping industry, water bags are mostly used in crane load testing, including overhead offshore cranes, indoor cranes, crane trucks and more. At AIS Marine & Offshore you can hire high-quality water bags to test load weight capacities onsite.

Research studies claim that water is the most suitable resource for testing load weight capacities of all types of lifting equipment and load-bearing structures. Our supremely engineered water bags for rent weigh less than 2% of achievable load, which means the remaining 98% is locally-sourced water.

Our water bags have now become the standard equipment for load monitoring and testing in the shipping and marine industry and in various other applications.

Provide Superior Design, Highly Durable And Safe Water Bag Hire Services in Port Hedland

We can provide onsite water bags of several dimensions – 20, 35, 50 and 100 ton water bags. At AIS Marine & Offshore we can also supply larger water bags if there is a requirement to test higher load capacities.

At AIS Marine & Offshore, we offer safe and reliable water bags which can be effectively used in various weight load lifting and weight load testing jobs.

Our supremely engineered water bags have been carefully designed to make them highly durable and safe – making them the very best equipment for weight load testing.

The design of our water bags allows a gradual filling process so that exact weights can be attained. The gradual filling process helps to detect potential weight load capacity problems in contrast to filling the bag in one go.

Superior Performance of Water Bag Hire Services in Port Hedland

Weight load testing water bags for rent at AIS Marine & Offshore has been industrially recognised as being one of the safest, most efficient and a high performance system for a wide range of testing on cranes, davits, lifeboats and other load bearing structures.

With a wide range of water bags we can provide effective solutions for every load testing challenge. The technology is easily adaptable, safe and simple and the bags can be used anywhere – at shipyards, ports, indoors and out, onsite, on and offshore – practically anywhere in the world.

Call us now to know more about the rental tariffs of water bag hire in Port Hedland and other necessary information.