Ship’s Hull Inspection Services in Australia

Looking for highly effective and reliable ship’s hull inspection services in Australia? AIS Marine & Offshore is here to help.

AIS Marine & Offshore offers reliable, comprehensive and cost-effective ship’s hull inspection in Australia. Our fully trained and licensed professionals use the latest equipment and technologically advanced methods to monitor the condition of the ship’s hull and coating systems. We meet insurance requirements and our team efficiently assesses any kind of damage to ensure the proper functioning of the underwater hull and propulsion system.

Rise in global warming has had a negative impact on shipping. Environmental changes over the course of time have spurred the growth of marine organisms on ship’s hull. The rapid growth of such marine organisms on the ship’s hull reduces the performance of antifouling paints and they begin to wear out. Continuous wearing out of antifouling causes corrosion, which can have a detrimental effect on the ship – from both economical and engineering perspective.

Ship’s Hull Inspection in Australia is conducted through Latest Technology

Our highly effective ship’s hull inspection in Australia is conducted by using the latest technology and equipment. We use high-quality underwater video and still camera systems and advanced LED lighting technology. Live feeds are continuously recorded and sent to the closed circuit monitors on the surface in real time.

Our ship’s hull inspection team uses a wide range of tools and techniques to collect information about the hull’s condition below the waterline, which include:

Diver Visual Inspection

Our divers are fully trained and experienced to carry out thorough underwater inspections and report on hull conditions such as paint blistering and peeling, corrosion, fouling, structural damage and more. The divers maintain direct verbal communication with supervisors on the surface and also with the customer all throughout the inspection process.

Digital Clear Water Photography

AIS Marine & Offshore has developed a highly advanced digital underwater photography system to capture sharp, wide angle, full colour videos and photos. We rapidly deliver the video footages and photographs to our customers and if required the footages can be downloaded onto the ship’s computer for immediate viewing.

Wide Range of Ship’s Hull Inspection services in Australia

We offer a wide range of ship’s hull inspection services in Australia. From high-quality inspection to detect marine fouling and the resulting anti-fouling paint condition to visual detection of any damage to the propeller caused due to cavitation erosion.

  • Overall inspection
  • Close up visual inspections
  • Suspect areas examination
  • Critical area (fatigue hotspot) inspection
  • Coating condition assessment
  • Anode inspection
  • Coating condition inspection
  • Corrosion inspection
  • Fractures detection

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