Hold cleaning is our business. AIS Marine Services understands the needs of ship owners. We know how important time is and offer a hold cleaning service that is time efficient and tailored both to the vessel's needs and the cargo to be loaded.

Rapid Response

Shipping is a busy and often hectic business. It is not always possible for a ship's crew to keep up the necessary level of hold maintenance required to carry sensitive cargo. Most ship owners don't even know they have a problem until the vessel fails a hold survey on the load berth. AIS Marine services understands how important a quick response is in that situation. We have the expertise, manpower and the equipment to mobilise quickly - even in regional and remote ports.

Cleaning Methods and Philosophy

Hold cleaning can be conducted by a variety of methods including hydro-blasting, washing, scraping, mechanically de-scaling or blowing with compressed air. Our many years of experience in this field along with our knowledge of the cargo to be loaded allow us to determine and utilise the best and most efficient cleaning method to enable a particular vessel to pass survey and load. Our supervisors have extensive experience in preparing ship's holds for various types of dry cargo. We know the exact level of cleanliness required for each type of cargo and we strive to clean to that level only, thereby eliminating 'over cleaning' and saving ship owners time and money.

Hold Washing After Discharge
Often, after the vessel has discharged its cargo the crew require assistance to rapidly prepare the vessel for its next cargo. AIS Marine services is well practised at washing holds after dirty cargo, such as cement clinker, pet coke or sulphur prior to the loading of sensitive cargo such as grain. We liaise closely with the discharging stevedores to offer a hold washing services that commences while the discharge is still in progress. This usually enables a vessel to present for clean cargo within short period of the discharge completing. If other problems are identified with the vessel's holds while cleaning for previous cargo is in progress, then these can often be attended to prior to any official survey. This not only reduces cost but also avoids any unnecessary 'off hire' time.

Equipment Hire
AIS Marine services has cleaning equipment available for dry hire to vessels, including de-scaling machines, hydro-blasters, pumps, hoses etc. Contact us for details.

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